Race to Moon : Behind the story

Race to Moon : Which crypto wins the race
Race To Moon

The Term “Mooning” or “to the moon” is often employed to describe a cryptocurrency rising off the charts and hitting its peak, referring to a strong belief among the communities that a Certain CryptoCurrency is soon going to increase significantly in price.

RaceToMoon, a gamified NFT project that supports educating the utilities and advantages of Cryptocurrencies in the ever-growing Digital revolution era, The drop is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 15th, exclusively on RacetoMoon.com.

Race to Moon Project has introduced a unique concept that hasn’t been tried in the NFT space till now, interestingly the project not only focuses on community building, but the Concept itself revolves around a Racing game, A competitive race among the cryptocurrencies.

The collection features 10000 Unique randomly generated Rockets which are parts of different communities from crypto Currency space, Each Currency is allocated 1000 Unique Rockets, and so the communities contest with each other to reach the Moon First.

Just the Word Racing induces a adrenaline rush. The Crypto Community who reaches first to Moon (Once their allotted 1000 Rockets are Sold) is awarded a cash prize of $100,000.

When a Community Lands on Moon, no matter at what position, it will get exclusive access to the Race T0 Moon Metaverse, where exciting things, games, and Prizes awaits them.

Project head of RaceToMoon.com said, ”The Year 2021 has been a revolutionary year for NFT industry, and it has taken the world by storm, and a pleasant surprise, not only for the late recognition that it brought to artists but also it has helped the community with charities and other events”

A crypto race to moon